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High water quality standards are set in order to guarantee Acqua Panna remains unchanged during the production process.

The water is subjected to quality controls by Italian Health Authorities as prescribed by local law, while a fully staffed in-house Quality Assurance Department and Laboratory maintains control over the plant quality control processes. Water, packaging materials and plant processes are carefully monitored to ensure that they meet company specifications and quality standards. In addition, the plant adheres to strict regulatory compliance by submitting to an independent and unannounced factory audit sanctioned by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).

Acqua Panna water goes through an exhaustive Quality Assurance Process that starts at the source. Quality control is fulfilled in 8 different steps:

1) Source selection and monitoring

2) Source water receiving and monitoring

3) Water storage and monitoring

4) Bottling control

5) Packaging control

6) Clean-in-Place (C.I.P) sanitation process

7) Plant Quality Control and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HCCP) Program 8) Corporate Quality Assurance Program in Italy and the US

Continual on-the-spot visual checks of the bottle line are performed. In addition, all bottles are marked with the date and batch code, so customers can see for themselves that they are buying the freshest product possible.

Quality and purity of nature