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Immersed in the heart of Tuscany is our Natural Beauty: the verdant Acqua Panna Estate. Covering 1300 hectares of beautiful nature, it is the home of Villa Panna, the source of Acqua Panna water and our source of inspiration, a place where Nature and Culture live together in perfect harmony.

What’s more, the Acqua Panna Estate is at the heart of all our sustainability commitments.

It plays an important role in reducing our environmental footprint, and we work hard to preserve its precious ecosystem: a treasure we cherish and safeguard today and for future generations.


protecting the source

We care deeply about the terroir where Acqua Panna emerges from the ground, giving this precious water its unique taste. But our engagement goes further: we are dedicated to managing the local water resources responsibly and sustainably. Find out more below. 


To make a positive impact on the quantity, quality and accessibility of water resources for local communities, we are actively involved in water regeneration projects.


For example, we are connecting the former Voltone spring, owned by the Sanpellegrino Group, to the public water supply, providing large quantities of fresh water to local communities.


By 2025, we aim to return a volume of water equivalent to what has been withdrawn to the local community, creating a 100% regenerative water cycle.




Pure Spring Water


We are dedicated to protecting the Acqua Panna source, the territory around it, and the water resources it provides. The certification of our plant from the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) recognises our water stewardship efforts.

AWS is the internationally recognised standard for the sustainable management of water as a shared resource. It focuses on maintaining good water quality, ensuring the quantity of water extracted is sustainable, protecting critical areas in the water basin, and improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene.



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The Acqua Panna Estate is not only the source of Acqua Panna and a place of great natural beauty, it is also a rich source of biodiversity. This is why we are engaged in protecting many of the species of animals and plants that live here. For more information, keep reading.

Acqua Panna and Federparchi


Can you guess how many different species have made the Acqua Panna Estate their home? To begin with, there are 66 kinds of birds and 34 kinds of mammals alongside 11 amphibian and 10 reptile species, including various rare and endangered species. And that's just the vertebrates. Naturally, there are also countless species of plants and flowers, including wild orchids.

Thanks to our partnership with Federparchi, we are working on a plan to monitor and protect the local flora and fauna. This monitoring recently identified the need to protect pollinating insects - fundamental for the local ecosystem, which in October 2022 led to the creation of a "Bee Hotel" as a refuge for bees whose survival is seriously threatened by climate change. This is just one recent and very simple example of the actions we are taking to nurture the local flora and fauna.

Looking after wildlife


Improving our environmental impact video

The Acqua Panna Estate plays a very important role in absorbing CO2. Moreover, we are also taking active steps and increasing our investments to further reduce our environmental impact in specific areas: packaging and circular economy, natural capital, transportation and production. Read on to find out more.


Since 2011, 100% of purchased electricity in our plant has come from RECS-certified renewable sources. Moreover 100% of waste is now recovered. As for transport, we are investing in biofuels, using rail where possible, and optimising payloads.


All these actions have been measured in our Life Cycle Assessment, that we conduct every year


The LCA is a scientific method for analysing the CO2 impact of a product throughout its lifecycle. The LCA was conducted by independent experts RDC and reviewed by Quantis.





our environmental impact infographic


On our journey to improve our environmental footprint, we have drawn up a packaging roadmap to steadily reduce the impact of our packaging materials. One way of doing this is by increasing the recycled content we use.


For example, our 1-litre bottle is already made with 100% recycled PET (R-PET). As of 2023, our 33cl bottle and our 50cl bottle are made with 50% R-PET*, and the entire range has an average R-PET content of 20%.

Our goal is to use 100% R-PET across the whole range by 2025*.
In addition, since 2022 our shrink films have also been made with 50% recycled content.

Meanwhile our glass bottles are made with up to 60% recycled content, and on average 40% of our glass bottles can be returned and reused.


* wherever allowed by local law

PET & glass bottles


The 1300 hectares of the Acqua Panna Estate already have an incredible impact in absorbing CO2 emissions and thus improving our environmental footprint.


Our goal is to multiply this effect. How? Through various measures that we can activate on the Estate, from forest management plans to agroforestry practices, that will further enhance our potential to absorb CO2.


Acqua Panna Reserve Landscape