Un legame armonico tra uomo e natura

The quintessence of taste

Experiencing the Tuscan way of life means to perpetuate an ideal of simplicity, elegance and balance in arts and culture, but also at the table. Thanks to its organoleptic qualities Acqua Panna is able to harmonize flavors without covering them.

The still water of fine dining

Acqua Panna has become a real ambassador of gourmet food around the world.

The still mineral water, recognized as a true sign of excellence, is a true companion of the finest palates on every table.

The origin

Acqua Panna water is proud of a long history. Its birthplace, Panna estate in Tuscany, dates as far back as the Renaissance period to the glorious days of The Medici Family.

This prominent Tuscan family, patron of arts and culture, used to spend their holidays at Panna estate in the beautiful Tuscan land, enjoying local specialties and drinking water from the source.

Una maestria artigianale che diviene arte


Tuscany is globally known for both its natural wonders and the traditional creativity of its people.

Part of the Tuscan Apennines, the Mugello is where Acqua Panna springs are, a green and blooming territory with rolling hills covered with chestnut woods. An enchanting scenery that inspires a sense of deep peace and tranquility.