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At Acqua Panna, our caring attitude can be seen, touched and tasted. It's there in the way we safeguard our source and the natural territory that surrounds it, because purity deserves protection. It's there in the way we manage the water used in our production process, because every drop counts. It's there in our ambition to find new ways of packaging and transporting our products. In short, our caring attitude is there in everything we do.

Preserving the value of water

Acqua Panna's unique taste depends on its natural sources in Tuscany and the surrounding environment. We invest significant effort in safeguarding the integrity of the sources, and maintaining the pristine beauty and biodiversity of the natural territory in which they are located.

Equally important is our commitment to ensuring the sustainable use of the water resources needed for production and bottling, always preserving the delicate balance between extraction and replenishment of the aquifer, while fully respecting conservation requirements.

Tuscany Hills – Acqua Panna CSV

Crafted by nature, untouched by man

Acqua Panna spends 14 years flowing under the rolling hills of Tuscany, a landscape of timeless beauty, on its way to the surface. Untouched by man, it is bottled directly at the source, near the town of Scarperia in the Mugello valley.
The depth of the aquifer means the water flows at a very low, stable temperature, creating the unmistakably velvety taste that the whole world knows and loves.

 طبيعة منطقة توسكانا - Acqua Panna CSV

Purity that stands the test of time

We dedicate considerable care to bringing you Acqua Panna natural mineral water with its unique blend of mineral salts, trace elements and chemical characteristics. 300 tests are carried out every day to ensure its purity and unique composition remain completely unchanged over time. So every time you open a bottle of Acqua Panna, you can be absolutely certain of its unmistakable taste.

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غابات منطقة توسكانا – Acqua Panna CSV

Alliance for Water Stewardship

The Alliance for Water Stewardship is the international benchmark for the sustainable management of water resources. The AWS standard rewards companies that respect the water basin, share knowledge and work with local territories to conserve and improve the quality not only of the water but also of the area itself. Acqua Panna has proudly succeeded in obtaining the certification in 2022.

 زجاجات Acqua Panna  وتلال منطقة توسكانا CSV

Maximum respect, minimum waste

Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of all production processes in the quest for "zero waste". This means striving to match water extracted with water bottled. It also means reducing energy consumption by favoring alternative sources. Since 2011, 100% of the electricity used in our plant has been acquired from RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certified renewable resources


The lily on every bottle of Acqua Panna represents our promise to share its purity and unmistakable taste with you, always and forever. We are constantly researching new packaging and logistics solutions that preserve or improve product safety while reducing environmental impact. All of Acqua Panna's PET bottles are recyclable. When collected and recycled, PET is incorporated again in our bottles as recycled PET (rPET), contributing to a circular economy model.

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Situated not far from Florence in the heart of Tuscany is the Panna Estate, the verdant 1300-hectare territory once owned by the Medici family where Acqua Panna gushes forth from natural springs. For many years, the company has invested in defending the biodiversity of this natural environment. Recently, thanks to a partnership between Acqua Panna and the Federation of Italian Parks and Nature Reserves, Federparchi, the local environment is continuously monitored and permanently protected.

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