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1 L Glass bottle


Water Analysis

From luxury hotels, the world’s best restaurants to at-home dining, the 33.8 oz/1 L glass bottle format with screw cap is perfect for elegant occasions in good company. Its bright, eye-catching graphics make it a unique example of Italian style that can transform any moment into a special occasion. Purity, freshness and transparency are all contained in a charming still mineral water bottle in 100% recyclable glass.
The smooth taste partner you can rely on, enjoy Acqua Panna and its smoothness alongside your favorite foods.

 Typical analysis mg/L

Bicarbonate 106
Calcium 32,2
Sulphate 22,0
Chloride 7,8
Silica Residue 6.9
Sodium 6,6
Magnesium 6,5
 Nitrate 2,9 
Potassium 0,8
Total Dissolved Solids at 180°C 141 mg/L
pH at the source 8,0 
1 L