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Acqua Panna’s lily, an icon of taste and timeless history

Acqua Panna’s lily, an icon of taste and timeless history

An iconic lily or fleur de lis, located at the heart of every Acqua Panna bottle, encapsulates the iconic mineral water’s unique smooth taste and Tuscan heritage. A decorative lily flower with regal roots which serves as timeless symbol of beauty, purity and nobility.

In France, a three petalled fleur de lis has historically symbolised the French monarchy, while in Italy, the three petalled fleur de lis interposed by two stamens is the Coat of Arms of the beautiful renaissance city of Florence.

The Florentine red fleur de lis served as the family crest of the Medici family, a noble family who ruled Florence during the Renaissance who are said to have reversed the colours of the flower to be native to their city, from white to red. 

The iconic fleur de lis, found on the Acqua Panna label today, reflects the water’s Tuscan roots and connection to the Medici family. Over 450 years ago an official deed established the Panna Natural Reserve, protecting the natural environment of the Medici family’s hunting estate. Which, to this day remains a nature reserve dedicated to local flora and fauna and the home of the pure Acqua Panna spring. 

Every bottle of smooth Acqua Panna is the result of an epic journey through the rolling hills of Tuscany, crafted by nature and shaped by an incredible centuries-old history. A 14-year journey water has flowed through the sun-drenched countryside of Tuscany. Each drop naturally filtered and perfected by time to the spring, immersed in the countryside at the Medici’s historical Villa Panna Estate. 

Acqua Panna is a sensorial experience, with a signature orange fleur de lys label, symbolising the mineral water’s unique smooth taste and Tuscan history, and inspiring people to savour the smooth taste, wherever they are in the world.