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Statue By Tuscany Artist

Tuscany, home of the artist, from the Renaissance to today

Many famous people of the past and living, have connections with Tuscany. From Dante to Da Vinci, this fertile land has produced some of the greatest minds ever lived, and continues to draw people from all walks of life with its rich history and magnificent natural beauty. Here, we explore some of those well known names of the past and present who were either born in Tuscany, or call Tuscany home.  

Sandro Botticelli
The Italian painter of the Early Renaissance who gifted the world with The Birth of Venus and Primavera, amongst many other great artworks, was born in Florence. He never really left, and lived most of his life in the same neighborhood.  

Artwork of Venus by Botticelli

Michelangelo Buonarroti
Sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer of the F48Renaissance, Michelangelo was born in Caprese Michelangelo in 1475. Of course, it wasn’t called Caprese Michelangelo at the time – the town officially took on the name of the great artist almost 450 years after his birth, in 1913, by a Royal Decree. 

Leonardo Da Vinci
And yes, there is also a town called Vinci in Tuscany. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in a town nearby, but Vinci has almost claimed the master their own, with sites such as his home, the church where he was baptized, a museum and library dedicated to him gathering tourists all year-round. 

Roberto Cavalli
When you think of animal print, it’s probably Roberto Cavalli that comes to mind. The fashion designer was born in Florence.

Andrea Bocelli
The classical singer whose voice has been referred to as ‘God’s singing voice’ by Celine Dion is famous for being a proud Tuscan. He has once said “I am a product of my native land, Tuscany, Italy.” Bocelli has a villa in Forte dei Marmi, a beautiful sea town in northern Tuscany.

Sting’s estate in the picturesque countryside town of Figline Valdarno has been open to the public for some time now, with its guesthouses, where he and his family spent decades of summers in, available for hire. 

Frances Mayes
The author of the best selling book that created Tuscan fever all over the world, Under the Tuscan Sun, still maintains her famous villa in Cortona, Tuscany. 

Giorgio Armani 
The master of tailoring, and all-time favorite for the red carpet, fashion designer Giorgio Armani created a home away from home in the town of Forte dei Marmi some years ago. The two-story, converted farmhouse on the Versilia coast is the first holiday home the designer ever owned.

Historical Famous Building Tuscany