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Typical Colourful Hills in Tuscany

The most instagrammable places in Tuscany

Planning a trip to Tuscany? As they say, if you didn’t ‘gram it, it didn’t really happen. With more than 383 million images on Instagram with the #selfie, we know that getting that best shot has never been more important. Tuscany is full of picture perfect scenes in which you will often find yourself, even when you least expect it. In between medieval towns with their castles and winding streets, artisanal markets, Michelangelo and Da Vinci’s sculptural works, the islands and all the precious natural reserves, you can easily go with the flow in Tuscany and let your senses guide you… or you can take some of our tips to help inspire you.

So in no particular order, here are some of our picks of the top spots for unforgettable experiences, and, selfie shots. Just remember to truly enjoy the real thing before you go about clicking that button on your phone!

• Head over to Val d’Orcia for postcard views of Tuscany of rolling hills lined with cypress trees. The entire valley is a UNESCO heritage site for a reason.

• The perfect cypress tree-lined road shot can then be found in the Viale dei Cipressi in Castagneto Carducci, where you will find a straight, 5km road lined with rows of dense, centuries-old trees on either side, over 2,500 of them, from the 19th century.

• The ancient walls of Lucca were built between the mid-1600s and early 1800s and are still intact today. A natural reserve surrounds it, with lakes and gardens that are the perfect setting for that golden hour beauty shot.

• The relatively unknown Malaspina Castle in the city of Massa sits over a rocky hill on the slopes of the Apuan Alps and will make for some impressive shots while making you feel like medieval royalty. 

• For more roses in a picture than you can ever imagine, take a trip to the Fineschi Rose Garden in Cavriglia. This is the largest private rose garden in the world with more than 6,500 roses, and growing!

• The Tarot Garden, in the Garaviccio estate in Capalbio is Italy’s answer to Gaudi’s Parco Guell in Barcelona, another popular selfie shot location. The garden was built by the famous French sculptress Niki Saint Phalle in 1979 who was in fact inspired by Gaudi’s masterpiece. Colorful sculptures are covered with mirror mosaics, ceramics and precious Murano glass pieces all over the private garden. 

Long straight road with cypress trees on both sides

A path to the hills in Tuscany