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Acqua Panna Alliance for Water Stewardship Certification 2022

Acqua Panna has started the process for Alliance for Water Stewardship Certification in 2022

Acqua Panna's unique taste depends on a natural source in Tuscany and the surrounding environment. We invest significant effort in safeguarding the integrity of the sources, and maintaining the pristine beauty and biodiversity of the natural territory in which they are located.

As part of this commitment, we have undertaken the route to certification under the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), the international benchmark in the field. 
The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is a global membership collaboration of businesses, NGOs and the public sector. Members contribute to the sustainability of local water resources through the adoption of a universal framework for the sustainable use of water – the International Water Stewardship Standard. The objective of the AWS Standard is to make sure the use of water is socially and culturally equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial. The commitment of good water stewards results in meaningful individual and collective actions that benefit people, the economy and nature.

Acqua Panna has always made efforts on a daily basis to safeguard not only the water itself but also the territory where it emerges.

For us, to be certified according to the AWS Standard is a source of pride and an additional commitment to continuous improvement in sustainable water management. Our goal is to achieve certification before the end of 2022.