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Best of Tuscany, hills

Experience the taste of Tuscany

The mere mention of Tuscany instantly conjures up mental images of rolling hills, artisanal traditions and restaurants boasting delicious dishes and fine wines to tempt the palate. This green and pleasant region in the heart of Italy is known around the world as a land of natural beauty, craftsmanship and culinary excellence. In short, Tuscany is a land of good taste.

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Best of Tuscany, Tuscany Hills

Nowhere in the world does rolling hills better than rural Tuscany, with a picture-postcard view waiting around every bend in the road.


That celebrated good taste can be seen in the elegance and quality of the Florentine leather goods still produced by hand according to time-honored tradition. It is there in the colorful handmade majolica ceramics found in nearby Montelupo, and in the alabaster ornaments of Volterra, fruit of an ancient Etruscan art rediscovered in the 18th century.

Best of Tuscany, majolica

Tuscany’s cities of art and architecture are awash with countless such examples of beautifully crafted artefacts.


Quality is also the key ingredient in Tuscany's famed cuisine. From the gourmet gastronomy of the Michelin-starred restaurant to the hearty fare of the humble osteria, flavors are robustly natural and recipes rigorously authentic. Whether you're savoring Siena's sweet and spicy panforte or the popular pappardelle with wild boar, you can taste the earthy goodness of the land in every mouthful.

Best of Tuscany, Osteria

Restaurants in Tuscany range from flashy and formal to friendly and familiar, but the focus on quality is a common ingredient.


The landscape, after all, is at the heart of the region's many charms. It offers all the variety you could desire, from the heights of the Apennines and the Apuan Alps to the coastal plains and beaches on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, by way of those famous rolling hills: a panorama of scenic delights, punctuated by precious pearls of architecture, art and culture like Florence, Pisa and Siena.

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Villa Panna in Tuscany

Best of Tuscany, Villa Panna

Villa Panna is situated in the heart of the Panna Reserve, among the hills and forests of the Mugello valley.

Surrounded by these timeless splendors stands Villa Panna. This fairytale manor is located in the historic nature reserve where Acqua Panna natural spring water flows from a natural spring, ready to complement any dining experience with its unmistakable taste. The taste of all that is good in this unique part of the world.The taste of Tuscany in a sip.

Best of Tuscany, Acqua Panna glass bottle

An average of 14-year journey through the rock below the Tuscan landscape gives Acqua Panna its ideal mineral composition and unmistakable taste.