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1L Glass Water Bottle


Water Analysis

Acqua Panna 1L glass water bottle is the perfect size for sharing at the table with a delicious meal, and with its unique taste and mineral balance, it's the ideal accompaniment for all kinds of cuisine.

The bright, eye-catching graphics and the revisited Vichy shape of the bottle make it a unique example of Italian style that can transform any lunch into a special occasion.

All of Acqua Panna’s glass bottles are recyclable.

Typical analysis mg/L

Bicarbonate  106
Calcium 31.5
Sulphate 21.6
Chloride 7.3
Silica 6.9
Sodium  6.5
Magnesium 6.5
Nitrate  2.9 
Potassium  0.8
Total Dissolved Solids at 180°C 142 mg/L 
1 L