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25 cl Glass Water Bottle


Water Analysis

The smallest of all our formats, the 25 cl glass water bottle with screw cap is just the right amount of refreshment alongside a light meal and is the perfect format for parties and friendly gatherings.

Keep one in the drink holder of your car, bag or backpack, and let the unique taste and mineral balance of Acqua Panna accompany you everyday.

All of Acqua Panna’s glass bottles are recyclable.

Typical analysis mg/L

Bicarbonate  106
Calcium 31.5
Sulphate 21.6
Chloride 7.3
Silica 6.9
Sodium  6.5
Magnesium 6.5
Nitrate  2.9 
Potassium  0.8
Total Dissolved Solids at 180°C 142 mg/L 
25 cl