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Nuances of taste

Harmoniously pairing water and food

Every time we savor a dish, we should be creating a true culinary celebration involving all five senses. Water is what leads the game and sets the time to the music of emotions allowing each of them to give the very best they have to offer on every occasion

If you really want to savor and enjoy every mouthful and halt or accentuate the desire to consume another portion of food, you will need to plan everything right down to the finest detail. Drinking water with food should be a delightful experience: sips of water should be therefore taken in alternation with bites of food, encouraging a slow chewing process.

In addition to accomplishing the fundamental task of quenching thirst, water has also taken on other very particular and important roles, for example, to direct and coordinate all the sensations that are perceived through the nose and mouth, and to encourage the discovery of qualities of foods. In this new scenario, perfect water and food pairing is a much-desired objective that helps bring out the most in food, but it mustn’t be forgotten, the most in water, as well.

Perfectly balanced, the taste of Acqua Panna is smooth and velvety, with the rare ability to emphasize even the most delicate flavours. On the tongue, it is light as a feather, delightfully soft and silky smooth, and provides a perceptible freshness. It is the ideal companion of any delicate dish that does not prevail on its organoleptic qualities.