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Tasting tools: the best water glass

Acquire few notions about the best drinking glass to taste the fine still Aqua Panna water and sparkling S.Pellegrino water at their best

From the choice of the proper glass to its position on the table, every single detail is important when it comes to fully appreciate and enhance the organoleptic properties of a prestigious water at its best.

To deal with two waters having different characteristics, you need the best drinking glass. In particular you need two containers of different shapes: one for Acqua Panna with a wide mouth, and another for S.Pellegrino with a narrow mouth. What they share, instead, is the material with which they are made, the absence of edges and sharp angles, of a stem as well, and their thinness, particularly around the rim.

Be sure that the water glass is rigorously in crystal and, when tasting Acqua Panna, it allows the nose to move in closer towards the water and consequently to better perceive its delicate, subtle aromas.

Regarding how to properly clean the water glass, here you are a few tips: never to use detergents, and when using a tasting glass for the first time, clean it with warm water and then with vinegar.

Remember that, in order to have the best water glass, every detail of water service must be done with great attention and care.Two different water glasses may be used, one for still and the other for sparkling water, to be placed above the place card or above the napkin, somewhat separated from the wine glasses.

The water should be presented in the original glass container and not decanted into a carafe, as this would lead it to lose some of its organoleptic properties. It is necessary to ensure that the bottle of water is perfectly intact and clean. The proper serving temperature for Acqua Panna is 10-12°C.