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Water and wine pairing

Perfectly blending water with wine

Acqua Panna shows a perfect balance in all its components, acquired from the uniqueness of its homeland, while the sensations induced linger in the nose and mouth for an appreciable period of time. Such light-bodied water should be paired with soft suave wine with moderate alcohol and spirits with strong personality.

To ensure a perfectly harmonious water and wine pairing, it is important to apply the principle of mutual accord between the sensations. By this principle, to blend properly with the wine it accompanies, the water must be either equal or slightly above or below in intensity of taste with respect to the wine.

If the wine is of the type that lingers long in the month, it should be harmonized with a water with personality that is capable of contrasting the intense sensations of wine. For this reason, Acqua Panna does not blend well with a strong, structured and full bodied wine that overcomes its delicate nuances. Instead, it is ideal for a soft, unstructured wine with a moderate alcohol grade, in order to drink water with wine without covering the flavour of both the beverages.

Here you are a few recommended matches: fresh and fruity white wines, white wines refined in oak barrels, aromatic sweet sparkling wines, young red wines Beaujolais style, sparkling wines and champagne without vintage.

Classic sparkling wines and champagne with vintage, for example, must be accompanied exclusively by Acqua Panna water because they boast refined, elegant aromas and flavours, in addition to offering a perfectly harmonious taste spectrum.

Where great red wines are drunk alone and not during the meal, they can be accompanied by Acqua Panna, so as to savor at greater length the effect on the palate, and therefore appreciate each successive sip.

Acqua Panna is the official sponsor of ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale).