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The Estate

A balanced natural habitat

Just a few kilometres north of Florence, Acqua Panna reserve offers visitors and travellers a spectacular view of green forests and blooming farmland populated by varied and preserved wildlife.

We put constant effort on safeguarding the springs, as well as defending the natural beauty of the reserve, still populated by a range of different species, in order to keep natural habitat balanced.

To visit the tuscan estate Villa Panna is a fantastic chance to encounter wild boars, fallow deer, foxes, hooded crows and even wolves under the surveillance of our qualified corporate personnel and a gamekeeper.

Besides the woodland, there is a multitude of farmland cultivated by skilled local farmers that visitors can appreciate in Panna estate. Tuscany is an amazing land rich in excellent regional products that constitute a unique food and wine heritage appreciated all over the world.

Tuscan table is inspired by the ideal of purity, simplicity and balance. That is why dishes are tasty, but never excessively elaborated to let the harmony of ingredients prevails. The same balance and harmony are mirrored by Acqua Panna peculiar composition, making it the ideal ambassador of the Tuscan flair for taste in the world.