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Taste of life

Acqua Panna water is the quintessence of the Tuscan way of life, a perfect balance between man and nature throughout the time.

Tuscany is a land of timeless and rare beauty. Its distinctive color nuances along with its natural, cultural and historical attractions make of this region situated in the center Italy one of the most fascinating places in the world, source of inspiration for countless artists at all time.

Be inspired and experience the Tuscan way of life to perpetuate an ideal of simplicity, elegance and balance. As a visitor, you can enjoy an incredible abundance of fine regional products through several and diverse Tuscan culinary itineraries as only a world-class tourist destination can offer.

The same ideal of harmony is mirrored by Acqua Panna water taste and unique composition which makes it an ideal ambassador of the Tuscan flair for taste in the world. The history and consistency of this excellent natural mineral water is rooted in the heart of the Italian and Tuscan culinary, artistic and historical tradition.

Known for its remarkable limpidness and freshness, with subtle but very pleasant flavours, Acqua Panna flows from the Apennines passing by an unaltered landscape since the Italian Renaissance, preserving its purity as it has done for centuries. Acqua Panna, as a real ambassador of Tuscan way of life, is able to harmonize the extreme diversity of delicate tastes and flavours.