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The Terroir

A water’s character

Each piece of earth has a taste signature all its own. Natural sites in the same region share similar geography, geology and climate, which all contribute to the unique qualities of a product, giving it a distinctive flavor such as the smooth and velvety taste of Acqua Panna.

You have probably heard about the word terroir when talking about wine. Terroir is defined as the sum of all the natural parameters which may potentially influence the character and characteristics of a product. As for wine, the character of a water will depend on its terroir and the nature of the aquifer, the porous rock through which the water trickles.

Geography, geology and climate combined with proverbial Tuscan savoir faire determine the uniqueness of all land products which are inimitable by nature. In other words, Tuscan cuisine is the expression of its territory with its impressive enological heritage and 455 typical products. Among them: extraordinary wines like Chianti, Brunello, Vernaccia, unrivalled extra virgin oil, known as the Green gold of Tuscany, the famous Chianina cattle that provides the Florentine steak, the crunchy Cantucci biscuits and the well-known pecorino cheese, just to mention a few.

In its turn, Acqua Panna mineral water is both the result of a magic and unique mixture of natural parameters and excellency of Tuscan people and the queen of the table.